Every item sold from the brochures will earn your group at least 40% PROFIT! 

More PROFIT can be earned by hitting a group GOAL that is set by one of our fundraising experts.

We start by assembling all of the selling packets for every member of your sport team, youth group, or non-profit organization.  The selling Packets include:

  • Brochures
  • Order Forms
  • Parent/ Information Letter
  • Money Collection Envelope

You then pass out the packets to all of the group members, instructing them that they will have 2 weeks to sell.


Each time your group meets, remind each of the participants about their fundraiser.  We can design an incentive plan with prizes that is custom to your group! Encourage participants to have their parents take their order forms to work.


When your group’s fundraiser ends, collect the entire group’s packets containing the order forms and money.  When you open each seller packet for processing, make sure that the seller’s name is on the order form and that the cash/checks provided match the amount on the order forms.

It will help you to write the name of the seller on the MEMO line of any check received in the selling packets.  This will help you track any check that may not clear through your bank.

If a check does not clear, you can contact THE COOKIE DOUGH MAN before your delivery so that we can hold out the specific order.

You then deposit all checks and cash into your team/group checking account.  You will pay us with a Check or Cash at the Delivery.

Now, please call THE COOKIE DOUGH MAN.  Make an appointment to bring in or fax your orders.  We must receive all order forms the week before your delivery.  If we receive your orders late, we will have to delay your delivery.


We’ll take it from here! A member of our staff will arrive at the delivery and help set up your distribution.  All of the orders will arrive pre-packaged by seller and will include any incentive offered.  If your team does not have a TOTAL of 50 items or more, it will need to be picked up from our office.

LATE ORDERS:  Fax in any late orders to the order fax#263-0837.  They can be paid for at the delivery.