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What is the pledge-drive platform and how does it work?
The Cookie Dough Man Program you know and love is going beyond the brochures and allowing the parents of students to sell in their native digital space by offering them new channels to enhance their cookie sale.With the Cookie Dough Man platform, customers will be able to ask their family and friends to make purchases or donate using their mobile device, tablet or computer.  They will be able to use their phone to text, email, and post on facebook to get maximum exposure!

Are you taking door-to-door sales away?
Door-to-door sales are never encouraged by the Cookie Dough Man! the digital platform allows families to participate from the safety of their homes!  We always encourage the students to ONLY sell with their parent/guardian. We tell students NOT to talk to strangers.  We tell students NOT to sell in the dark.

I prefer to sell the old way.  Where can I get a paper form?

C’mon!  Oh well.  You can have your form by clicking here.  A cookie dough only order form here!  Just make sure you turn it in with the collection envelope.

Are the cookies ready to eat?  Do I have to bake them?

All of our Cookie Dough is FROZEN and comes in boxes with 48 pre-portioned ready-to-bake pieces. 2.7 lbs net weight.

How do I find out the ingredients, nutritional value, and allergen information for the cookies?
Cookie ingredients, nutritional information, and allergen information are clearly listed on the cookie package. To see ingredient information now, click here!

Are all Cookie Dough Man Cookies Kosher?
Yes. All Cookie Cough Man Cookies are kosher.

Do your Cookies have trans fats?
No!  Zero trans fats per serving!

Why don’t you offer cookies that are whole wheat, wheat free, non-dairy, dairy free, sugar free, casein free, organic, low carb, low calorie, low fat, non-fat, fat free, etc…?
Cookie Dough Man Cookies are produced only once a year and for a limited time, so our bakers generally don’t achieve the volume required to support the production of specialty cookies. The demand has not been great enough to make it economically feasible; however, our bakers continue to experiment and have a commitment to ensuring there is always.

It is the responsibility of the PARENT/GUARDIAN to pick up the orders from the school on Delivery day.  From there, the PARENT or GUARDIAN will deliver the cookies to you.  After we give the orders to the parents, it is up to them to contact and deliver to you.

Can you ship the cookie dough to my home?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the quality of your frozen cookie dough if we ship it, and it is very expensive.  you wouldn’t want us to ship ice cream to you, right?

Are there any fees associated with online ordering?
There is a $1.50 charge to the customer if they choose to pay online for the order.  There is no fee for a cash or check payment.

What if I’m not satisfied with the quality of my  Cookies?
For product inquiries or concerns, contact us and tell us your story.

 I want to support but I live out of state.  Can I purchase Cookies?  How can I help?
We understand that sometimes friends and loved ones live across the country or in a different state, so that is why we have the option for out of state family and friends to give a simple donation online!

Are cookie purchases non-refundable? Can I cancel my order/get a refund?
All sales are final. You cannot cancel an order, and we do not offer refunds. If an order is not picked up at the delivery, the parent/guardian must pick up the cookies from The Cookie Dough Man within 2 months of the regularly scheduled delivery, or the cookies will be donated to a local food bank.

I ordered my cookies but I did not have my confirmation number.  What do I do?
Fill out this contact form, include as much information as you can including student name, teacher, and school.

When will I receive my order?
The delivery date is listed o the ordering site.  Keep in contact with the parent/guardian if you are a supporter, and give them time.  In-person delivery orders can take 6–10 weeks from order date.

My shipped cookies arrived damaged. What should I do?
Please contact customer service via this form.

Is participating in the Online Cookie platform safe?
The  platform emphasizes the safety of students and customers.   It is the intention of this platform to make it easy for PARENTS to assist the fundraising efforts of their students, and not the other way around.

Is it safe to enter my credit card? Is there protection against data breaches?
Our systems are fully secure using SSL encryption.  We do not store any credit card information on our servers.

Are consumers able to find students Cookie sites by searching online?
No. We take students’ safety very seriously! The pages are only given to the parent/guardian and can only be shared via the personalized URL with trusted friends and family members.

Will The Cookie Dough Man or use my information in any other way aside from confirming my orders?  Will my personal information be shared with third parties?
We will not use your information other than to inform, place, confirm, and deliver your order. We do not share personal information with third parties.   FERPA and COPPA compliance information can be accessed by clicking HERE