THE COOKIE DOUGH MAN FUNDRAISING is the leading fundraising company in Las Vegas, Nevada. We are a locally owned, family company and have been servicing the valley since 1994.

We LOVE what we do! We have a solid track record for helping schools, teams, and other groups raise money with our Cookie Dough Fundraiser Program. Our “No-Work Fundraiser” has been proven to be profitable for many schools and groups.

If the majority of your fundraising hours are spent doing anything EXCEPT counting money, you’re working too hard!


We handle  ALL THE WORK, all you do is collect the money.

LOCALLY OWNED AND OPERATED, no more dealing with non-personal “national companies”. We have a vested interest in YOUR SUCCESS.

Over 25 years of CUSTOMER SERVICE EXPERIENCE…We are the experts. Your success is our #1 priority.

We handle all problems…customers CALL US, not you.

Guaranteed IN ADVANCE specific delivery dates and times.

We stand behind the quality of our products 100%. We offer your customers a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

We offer a step by step approach to PROMOTE AND ORCHESTRATE YOUR FUNDRAISER.

We personally DELIVER AND DISTRIBUTE the products, all the parents DO IS PICK UP THE ORDER!

We offer a true 100% NO WORK FUNDRAISER.

Our Guarantee

We’re so confident that we offer a superior service, we invite you to compare fundraising programs.
Here’s our Guarantee to you:

  • Sponsor a fundraiser with the Cookie Dough Man and compare the results.
  • Present us with an invoice (up to 3 years old) from any of our competitors.
  • If you don’t make MORE money with us, we’ll pay YOU the difference!

(Enrollment numbers must be comparable and the fundraising event must be held the same time of the year.)

We are sure that we can make a difference for you and your school, youth sports team, or church.

“I have simply enjoyed “The Cookie Dough Man” fundraiser through the exciting assemblies, outstanding team distribution and the overwhelming community support over the past twelve years. Tim, you and your staff have been more than accommodating to our parents and faculty through your genuine support and awesome customer service. Every Cookie Dough Fundraiser continues to be a success at Derfelt Elementary School!”
Lydia G, Office Manager