The Cookie Dough Man wants to provide the easiest delivery imaginable.

The last thing you want to do is WORRY!

The Cookie Dough Man will make your cookie dough delivery a stress-free experience for your parents and staff.

  • NO VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!  We will staff your delivery with our professional employees, not volunteers.  We will do all of the heavy lifting so that you can relax!
  • WE CALL PARENTS IF THEY FORGET!  After the rush of the delivery, our staff will call all of the parents to remind them in case they forgot!
  • WE WILL STORE THE LEFTOVER PRODUCT!  Parents who forget to pick up can make arrangements to pick up their cookie dough with us!  No need to find freezer space at the school!
  • WE DO ALL THE SETUP AND CLEANUP!  We will restore the delivery space to it’s original condition.  No trash or mess left behind.
  • *NEW* ORDERS ARE PRE-PACKED BY SELLER!  Starting in Fall 2018, ALL orders will be pre-packaged by seller and be ready for pick up as soon as the delivery starts!


  • Each order is PRE-PACKAGED by seller.
  • We will deliver to any ONE location in the city free of charge!
  • We will ORGANIZE the orders for easy distribution.